Five Kinds of Nurturing

We impart in our students knowledge and
skills to prepare them for international  careers
by adopting the following five educational

Education for Gifted Students

We try to expand each student’s academic potential and bring out the best in him or her. We take a thorough approach to the education of mind and body. Students benefit from special programs that offer clear-cut and motivating goals.

Human Studies

One of the fundamental principles at Bunri Sato Gakuen is “to nurture wholesome and capable individuals”. We strive to help each student expand their capabilities and reach their full potential, always reminding them to strive toward the three major goals, i.e., sincerity, virtue and a dedication. Advanced technology, knowledge and skills are indispensable, but compassion, gratitude and integrity are essential. At Bunri Sato Gakuen, special emphasis is placed on food education, the knowledge of which helps develop a healthy body and mind.


International Education

Keenly aware of recent trends, Bunri Sato Gakuen has implemented international education by promoting overseas study and internships, homestay opportunities and overseas training tours. These offer a great chance for students to acquire a more global perspective, cosmopolitan attitudes, and increased individuality. We also enroll in our schools many foreign students and Japanese students returning from overseas.

Information and Technology Education

At the university level, students learn how to use information technology such as the Internet, to process information, and develop, operate and manage various information systems.
At junior high school, students learn the basic theories and application skills involved in IT and computers. At senior high school, students learn more about web-browsing, ITrelated ethics and the use of various applications for spreadsheets, word-processing and presentation. At elementary school, students familiarize themselves with computers to identify and resolve problems. They also learn how to present their findings.

Hospitality Education

Hospitality means to treat people kindly and sincerely. As such, it is the most important ingredient in any service. At Bunri Sato Gakuen, we teach manners, greetings, cleanliness and personal appearance, all necessary qualities for service-industry professionals.