Our Message

“We keep on producing the leaders of the next generation”Founder,Chairman of the Board of Trustees:Hideki Sato

Founder , Chairmanof the Board of Trustees
Hideki Sato

Mayor of School
Hitomi Sato

Our founding principles are “The cultivation of scholarship and skills”, “The development of a spirit of appreciation”, and “ Perseverance and a quest for excellence”. We also put emphasis on “ Doing everything we put your hand with sincerity and complete it with strong will” and this we say wishing our students to work hard continually to obtain new knowledge and technology with respect to humanity.

We based our education philosophy on the idea of English Public Schools. Public Schools like Eton College and Hallow School have been “producing the elites who will lead the next generation” and sending many of their graduates to Oxford University and Cambridge University. We learned from these schools and made up our mind to “ produce the world’s top elites” by founding a prestige school. And now we have Bunri Senior High School, Bunri Junior High School, and Bunri Elementary School to send our graduates to prestige universities with 12 years of education. This group of prestige schools we name “ Education System producing Top Elites”.

In English Public Schools, which have been producing elites, the students receive traditional education to equip themselves with high intelligence and moral as gentlemen. Bunri schools teach the students so that they can obtain intelligence and moral with good intention, respect for freedom, discipline and belief in sportsmanship nurturing integrity, which makes our students act as Next-generation Elites. And we also hope that our students will be servants of the society acting with hospitality by nurturing them as true ladies and gentlemen. This is because we hope they will serve not only Japanese community and Japan, but the global society as well.

Our leader production is pursued in our technical schools as well― in what we call “ Education System producing Professionals” . We first started with comedical and nutrition schools, and we also founded schools of prosthetics and orthotics, and speech therapy. The same mission is again pursued in Seibu-Bunri University, too, which has service management department and nursing science department. With these schools we hope our graduates will be warm hearted leaders with consideration wishing others welfare and they will continue studying the service academically and put the knowledge into practice. The base of the service lies in hospitality.
Here our mission is to produce Japan’s and world’s top leaders with hospitality Spirit, in other words, to nurture the professionals in the field of cooking , nutrition, and comedical science.

We are still on the way with ambition to serve the world by producing leaders for the next generation. We’ll go on by “producing Top Elites” and “ producing Professionals ”-with our undying motto “ Try, try , try, and wish, wish and wish,then you can make it!”

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Mr. Hideki Sato, founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, was Awarded a medal by Japanese Government: The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon To see his speech video “ Education Passionate & affectionate”
(5 min. 17sec.)