Culinary Arts College attached to Bunri University of Hospitality

Make your dream come true! You’ll make a fine food specialist as certified cooks, 2nd grade food coordinators, and 1st to 3rd grade skilled cooks.

Hearty Cooking 1- year course

We present you the shortest cut to cooking specialists with this 1 year course. With the knowledge and skill of Jpanese, Chinese, Western and other ethnic foods and baking and confectionery, you will also have chance to learn how to demonstrate your technique and to intern at restaurants, bakery and confectionery in order to get further skill and knowledge.

1The number of students are small enough to obtain high cooking ability. 《cooking ability》

2Serving foods arranged just the way you should, the eating will be something more than just filling your stomach―eating will be art.《food coordinating ability》

3Nurturing you as a cook with hospitality and good performance with our seminar.《service entertainment ability》

Food Management Cooking 2- year course

We recommend this course to those who wish to be food specialists. The curriculum includes internship to enhance your cooking ability on job and lectures on service management and hospitality by the teaching staff from Seibu Bunri University. You are obtaining not only cooking skill and certificate but management ability as well.

1The number of students are small enough to obtain the highest and cooking ability and the latest knowledge of cooking technology.

2 Besides food coordinating ability, you will develop service management ability by Seibu Bunri university staff.

3Internship and volunteer activity enable you to put what you learn here into practice.