Seibu Gakuen Bunri Elementary School

A well-rounded, wholesome education that focuses on giving both an international focus and providing a strong sense of Japanese identity. A formula for success creating leaders for the 21st century.

English immersion as a natural way to pick up the leading international language.

In order to provide leadership for the 21st century, Seibu Gakuen Bunri Elementary School is committed to training Japanese world-class leaders. By combining the six years of primary school with six years of high school, students receive twelve continuous years of Bunri Gakuen-style education. Modeled upon top-class British public schools like Eton, Rugby and Harrow, our educational policy stresses the cultivation of knowledge, character and discipline, while enjoying freedom.
The primary school is housed in an elegant brick building, ideally located in the heart of Musashino Plain, in the midst of natural beauty where birds sing and flowers bloom all around. The blessed educational environment fosters the pursuit of learning and personal goals.
English is now a world language and is instructed with a systematic approach at all levels of the Bunri Gakuen School System. As young children are immersed in English, they absorb the language effortlessly. The school provides a wide variety of courses and programs to teach the skills needed in an advanced information society, e.g., web navigation, computer proficiency and other IT tools, as well as the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.
Special classes taught by people in the workforce along with experience-oriented activities through collaboration with the students’parents as well as the local community are just some of the advanced educational methods in use at our school. The intellect, sensibility and courtesy acquired during the first six years of education are sure to develop world leaders of the future.