Seibu Gakuen Bunri Senior High School

We offer a wholesome education that shapes virtuous, dedic -ated and capable individuals to have a bright personality.

We provide systematic and individually-tailored coaching to suit each student’s personality and aptitude.

Seibu Gakuen Bunri Senior High School has adopted the educational principle of “Doing all things wholeheartedly and persevering till the end!” The school motto of “sincerity, virtue and dedication” is essential in nurturing young people who are independent yet cooperative, who strive for peace while being both rational and creative. With stress on education for gifted students, international education, and group and moral education, valuable talents will emerge from sound teacher-student relationships and a wholesome learning environment.
The high school offers three main courses of study: General, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, English, and a special elective course established in 1990. Our approach toward academic and career guidance is systematic, geared towards helping students to become more independent. It is individualized to meet the needs of each student, according to their capability, capacity and future objectives. In each classroom, students are encouraged to develop an open mind with a global perspective based on a wealth of knowledge gained through daily interactions and extracurricular activities such as overseas study tours, study-abroad programs, Eton College Summer School (U.K.) and short-term language study homestays. We also welcome international students as well as Japanese students returning from abroad.

Courses and Subjects/Classes: An Overview

1 Natural Sciences and Mathematics Course

This course is tailored mainly to students seeking higher education in medical, technological or mathematical fields at prestigious national and other public universities as well as for those aspiring to become researchers and engineers. Frequently these students enroll in Science and Engineering, Life Sciences, Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Dentistry, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine programs at the university. Many specialized and advanced courses are offered, incorporating experimentation, observation and field work, which, coupled with a well-structured and rich curriculum helps to instill in students absolute confidence.

2 English Course

Equipped with language skills, cultural understanding and a wide range of experiences, our graduates can truly become cosmopolitan, world citizens. We hope superior English skills in those seeking training in humanities faculties, e.g., Law, Economics, Business Administration, Policy Management, Foreign Languages, International Relations, and Education, at the most prestigious universities upon graduation from high school.

3 General Course

In response to the social need for versatile and well-rounded individuals with training in both the humanities and sciences, students enrolled in the General Course at first receive a widely-focused curriculum. Then in the second year, they select courses best suited to their personality and capabilities.

4 Elite Course for University of Tokyo Aspirants

A special, advanced class designed to prepare students for admission to the humanities and science faculties of exclusive and selective national (e.g., University of Tokyo and Kyoto University) and other public universities immediately upon graduation from high school. In the second year, students choose either the humanities or science course, and follow well-designed studies based on a specialized curriculum.