Seibu Gakuen Bunri Junior High School

The six-year middle/high school structure enables students to acquire high levels of learning and cultural knowledge necessary for gaining admittance to exclusive universities upon graduation from high school.

Adoption of the British elite education system, our programs foster the world leaders of tomorrow.

As a result of Seibu Gakuen Bunri Junior and Senior High School’s six-year unified curriculum,, students embody the spirit behind our philosophy of “Doing all things wholeheartedly and persevering till the end!” They cultivate genuine academic capabilities, flexible attitudes, refined powers of observation and expression. Some of the junior high courses are linked with the high school giving optimal benefit. They include language courses taught by native speakers, streamed English and math classes, supplementary and makeup classes, and various extracurricular programs, e.g., cultural seminars, art appreciation, school trips to Nara and Kyoto, an overseas tour in Italy, and other school events. Another notable feature is a career focus with systematic counseling. Students truly benefit from the continuous six-year middle school education devoid of cramming.