Seibu Gakuen Bunri College of Nutrition and Medical Technology

Seibu Gakuen Bunri College of Nutrition and Medical Technology: Fostering Learning and Hospitality [Shinjuku, Tokyo; Ikebukuro Campus, Tokyo, Tokorozawa Campus] Educating specialist to have both expertise and sincerity.

Training dedicated, compassionate and skillful medical specialists.

A clinical technologist (medical laboratory technologist) runs wide-ranging diagnostic tests and provides physicians with information that is both accurate and timely. Seibu Gakuen Bunri College is committed to training clinical technologists as a part of their co-medical education. The spirit of hospitality is also a key element of their education.
In recent years, the School of Clinical Technology has achieved 100% success in training its students to pass national qualification examinations; a feat achieved through tutoring and well-designed programs. For example, applicants to this school begin practice exercises even before school starts, and continuously receive support in fundamental courses. A six-month internship/training at medical institutions, backed by full-range preparations for the national examinations, has led to the high success rate, which has impressed hospitals and research institutes across the nation.

Medical education backed by compassion and specialized knowledge and skills.

Japan has plunged into a rapidly aging society in which people seek inner happiness. There has been a renewed interest in retaining health, with a new realization of the importance of the role played by food. The School of Nutrition was Japan's first educational institution targeted at service in the medical fields.
With the aim of producing well-trained specialists in the medical, nutrition, welfare and healthcare sectors, sophomores are grouped into three specialty courses of Nutrition Management, Healthcare Nutrition, and Welfare Nutrition. Specialized training in these courses enables students to qualify for BUH's Class II Food Coordinator, Class II Home Helper, and Class I through III Cook's Certificates.

We provide technical know-how and high-level skills training in the science of prosthetics and orthotics so our graduates can serve society with the spirit of hospitality.

Only nine schools in Japan train prosthetists and orthotists, and the Bunri School is the only one located in Tokyo. For patients who have lost a limb due to illness or accident, prosthetists make use of artificial limb technologies to model limbs, corsets and supporters for patients, while providing health care.
Recent improvements in artificial limb production with the use of new materials and state-of-the-art technology enable people to participate in vigorous sporting events like the Paralympics, while allowing others to walk freely. Students in small-group settings obtain highly specialized skills and prepare themselves for national certification in the fields of medical services, rehabilitation and welfare.

We train speech therapists who work wonders in rehabilitation.

Speech therapists provide rehabilitation to people with physical and/or mental disorders pertaining to speaking, hearing and eating.
Our Speech Therapy School trains high-school graduates to become compassionate and dedicated speech therapists, with rich communication skills.
Speech therapists work with, sound detection, voice, and eating/swallowing disorders dysphagia as well as with patients with aphasia. Auriculotherapy addresses both congenital and acute hearing impairments. Our curriculum is designed to produce professionals required on the frontlines in the fields of rehabilitation, medical services, welfare and education.