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Japan's first university dedicated to Service Management Studies.

“We nurture service-industry specialists of the future.”

The Faculty of Service Management offers courses for serviceindustry hospitality specialists with management capabilities, i.e., pursuing customer satisfaction, profit and efficiency simultaneously.
In the freshman year, students take Liberal Arts as well as Basic Management subjects,which are open to all students, regardless of their major. In the sophomore year, students declare their major and pursue indepth learning in the field of their chosen profession.

“Education keyed to future careers start in the freshman year.”

A noteworthy aspect of Bunri education is the “President’s Lectures on Career Development”,a compulsory course for all students, from first through fourth year.
During the first two years,students can learn directly from guest teachers/lecturers with rich experience. Additionally,academic as well as vocational aptitude tests are conducted. In the third year, students sit simulated SPI Aptitude Tests and acquire practical writing skills while attending weekly job guidance sessions.
Internships are offered during the first (second semester) and third (first semester) years giving participants the opportunity to put their learning to test and gain valuable career-related experience.

Department of Service Management:

“Find the service type that suits you best !”

Once students identify their aptitude for the service career of their choice, they can choose courses from the following five categories: (1) Hotel and food service; (2) Travel and tourism; (3) Distribution; (4) Health-related service; and (5) Information service.
Second-year students select three general studies subjects from the five course categories.
They analyze the current status of the industry and study business structures and management features. In third and fourth years, students deepen their professional knowledge. The Service Management Course allows students to learn widely, while at the same time seek job opportunities.
By taking Management Strategies, Urban Management, Hospitality Accounting or similar subjects on business administration, students can acquire professional management know-how.

Service Management Department
We exchange students with Alliant International University Hotel, Restaurant Management Department.

Department of Health and Welfare Management :

“Become a leader in health and welfare management!”

In our increasingly “aging” society with low birth rates, medical and health and welfare services have diversified, while at the same time their importance is increasing daily. At a time when “end users” choose the services they want, greater competition seems inevitable; quality of service will be the key to success. In order to match the user's service needs with well-managed service provisions, a new breed of service management specialists will be needed. This prompted Bunri Sato Gakuen to create the Department of Health and Welfare Management, in April 2007. Again, hospitality is the key to developing human resources in the fields of medicalhealth and welfare services.
We also offer programs that lead to official licenses to work as a social worker, health information manager (application pending), and healthcare management instructor.

Service Management Department
Seibubunri University graduation cremony (at Imperial Hotel)

Department of Service Management

Department of Nursing