About Privacy

We firmly observe Personal Information Protection Law enacted in April 2003, which aims at protecting individuals from suffering from loss by personal information abuse, though admitting the utility of such information.
Bunri-Sato Educational Institution has so much personal information of our students, graduates, and their guardians that we act according to “ Bunri-Sato Educational Institution’s Privacy Policy”.
We are all trying our best to observe our Japanese law and our institutional rule to respect personal rights, to properly use and protect personal information, and we also manage to keep all the intormation under control.

Our privacy policy is as follows:
Privacy Policy

1Collecting and providing personal information
Personal information of our students, their guardians and our employees should be collected and provided properly and solely for our business concern.

2Safe management of personal information
We store the personal information we collected properly to keep it safe and up to date and prevent it from being changed or disclosed.

3Compliance with law
We firmly observe Personal Information Protection Law.

4Continual improvement of our management system
We keep on improving and updating our management system of personal information to keep up with the change of our social environment and information system.