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About Our Doctrine
The following is where our focus is and where our focus always remains.
Our three basic principles are as follows:
1.Training for attaining the knowledge and the expertise.
2.Cultivating of the spirit of requiting the kindness done by others to you.
3.Cultivating of the indomitable and dauntless mind

Thou shalt do everything wi’heart;
Thou shalt be a man o’iron will.
Thou! Dost stick to th’ultimate end!

We devote our education to making our students develop a personality which has “The Knowledge",“The Heart"and “The Mind" all blended in harmony.For them to contribute to the society where they live,we are convinced that the knowledge and the expertise alone are not everything,but,it is important as well that the personality rich with resources be added thereto.At the same time,we firmly believe that “the spirit of the true hospitality" is also a must for a professional.

Why we make the above-mentioned three basic principles as the motto of our education? It is because we believe that by practicing these principles,we can raise such persons that can play a leading role in our society and contribute to making it a better place to live in.

The world today is fast evolving with arrivals of new knowledge coming one after the other.To cope with keeping abreast with these fast-paced changes of the times,education plays a very important role.We humans are living not alone but helping and supporting each other.We must love people. We must love our neighbors.We must respect all.The education here is designed,in particular,to create the persons of that quality,where our focus is and where our focus always remains.

We are striving to educate our students to do their jobs always with honesty,and to develop a strong will to accomplish their jobs.We teach them to learn how wonderful it is to accomplish a job.The harder the job,the greater the joy once fulfilled. Having them experience that is important for the cultivation of rich personality.We aim at raising persons of creativity,wisdom and humanity worth export to the community both at home and abroad.
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