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The Message from the President
Hospitality is the key for building the future

The Message from the President

We live in an era where hospitality is essential for everything. With the coming of the 21st century, human society has witnessed the remarkable development of social media, which in turn got our communities closer to each other, allowing people to work together for the construction of a better world. Nowadays, whatever happens on the other side of the world can be seen and felt as something as close as our neighborhood. However, although physical and time distances between people have shortened, there still is much to be done in the service industry in order to shorten the distance between people’s feelings and minds. 

“I want to be of service to people near me”
“I want to make people important to me happy”
“I want to help building a society where there is no hunger and no poverty”
“I want to help constructing a world where all children can receive proper education”
“I want to make new ideas possible”
“I want to create a society reigned by freedom and creativity”
“I want to become an international citizen, fulfilling my role in diverse cultural contexts”

We believe that hospitality is the key to make thoughts like these become reality. Human beings live in a social networking system in which people learn from each other’s actions, so it is not wrong to say that once hospitality becomes the fuel for that networking, stability and trust should emerge as strong pillars to support our lives. Trust transforms mere social relationships into strong bonds, allowing society to develop stably, fostering freedom and creativity.
“Understanding the new era in which we live”, “bonding with others”, “actively taking part in society”, and “engaging freely into fair competition” are undoubtedly indispensable factors for the realization of our youngster’s dreams. Therefore, our University Education aims to achieve those goals through the active, experienced-based and multi-faceted learning of hospitality.
We cannot wait for you to join us in our hospitality studying journey. Become an invaluable asset to the 21st century, and help us shake the world into new values and paradigms that promote freedom, creativity, respect and understanding.